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Our Facility

Rising Sun Physical Therapy in Newport Beach, CA provides private treatment rooms, towels, and filtered drinking water for our patients' convenience. Our physical therapy center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows our physical therapists to offer the most innovative therapies.

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation center have the most advanced features and equipment, including:

  •   Computerized bicycles

  •   Computerized treadmills

  •   Swiss balls

  •   Strengthening machines

  •   Free weights

  •   Ankle weights

  •   Foam rolls

  •   Balance training equipment

  •   Electrical stimulation machines

  •   Cervical and Lumbar traction

  •   Stretching equipment

  •   Resistance equipment

  •   Private treatment rooms

  •   Rock tape

  •   Cold therapy

  •   Light Stim

  •   IASTM

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