Telehealth Online Physical Therapy Services

The telehealth service will allow you to access physical therapy treatments online and receive care in the event you’re aren’t able to access the clinic!


We can use this service tool in multiple ways to serve you. We can use it as a screening tool, for follow up appointments, for group classes such as yoga or foam rolling, wellness check-ins, exercise progression, advice from a therapist, and even for initial evaluations and treatments!


We believe this will bring significant value to you as an option to enhance your experience at Rising Sun Physical Therapy and Wellness. You will still receive the same impeccable quality of care, but it will be from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.


There are no extra fees to use this platform and the apps are free. You can use it on Mac, PC, and every type of tablet and smartphone. We want to assure you it is fully HIPAA-compliant, like all electronic medical records in hospitals, which means your health information, personal information and data is completely secure.

Contact us to set up an appointment or for more information.

Email: Risingsunphysicalrehab@gmail.com

Phone: (949) 274-9551

Before your first appointment, you must complete the form below and email it back to us

Telehealth Group Exercise Class Schedule

Phone Script


Hi, my name is Brandon and I’m calling from Rising Sun Physical Therapy and wellness.


I making some phone calls today hoping to grow our email marketing about our telehealth services as well as our free shoulder pain seminar this Friday at noon. 


Would it be possible to send our marketing flyer to you so you can help to spread the word about our services to your patients?


Great! is there an email that we could best reach you by. 


Thank you so much, have a great rest of your day!


Oh, that’s totally fine. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful rest of your day. 

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